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    Jiangsu Huihe Packaging Machinery Co.,Ltd
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    Service & Spare parts
    Training service

    1、Composition and functions of the equipment on the production line will be completely introduced, and the payout plan will be used to explain relevant knowledge. Knowledge of production line designing, production planning, equipment part processing and quality assuring will be taught.
    2、Go into the plant to see all the equipment on the production line, and listen to relevant technicians explaining the equipment’s techniques. Learn the process and operating principle of the production line, and get familiar with each step, crucial control point, and monitoring and precautionary measures.
    3、 Practice in the plant, get familiar with crucial parts of the equipment, and learn and practice the assembling of the equipment and crucial components. Learn how to care for, maintain and repair the equipment, and knowledge of safe production.


    Add: No.33,Nanyuan Road, Zhangjiagang
    Economic & Technological Development Zone(South), Jiangsu,P.R.China 215618
    Tel:+86 512 58166698
    Fax:+86 512 58166692