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    Jiangsu Huihe Packaging Machinery Co.,Ltd
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    Service & Spare parts
    After-sale Tracking

    1. Huihe’s machinery products conform to national and industrial quality standards, and are all whole-new, manufactured with latest designed and suitable materials, the quality, specification and performance according with the contract’s stipulation.
    2. We guarantee that the product will achieve the technical performance index within a time limit agreed by the two parties, after the production line is correctly installed and commissioned.
    3. We promise to take responsibility of any defect, fault and damage of the production line caused by the seller’s defect in design, technique, manufacture, installation, commissioning or materials within the warranty period stipulated in the contract.
    4、The warranty period is 12 months upon acceptance (or 24 months for special products). During the warranty period, if the quality or specification of the product is found inconsistent with the contract, or the product is proved to have defect (including potential defect or non-conformance materials), the customer is entitled to lodge a claim based on the test certificate issued by a statutory organization.
    5. In case that the equipment fails, the service men will arrive at the site within 36-48 hours (or 12-24 hours in special circumstances) upon receipt of the customer’s notice, and will remove the fault in time.


    Add: No.33,Nanyuan Road, Zhangjiagang
    Economic & Technological Development Zone(South), Jiangsu,P.R.China 215618
    Tel:+86 512 58166698
    Fax:+86 512 58166692