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    Jiangsu Huihe Packaging Machinery Co.,Ltd
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    Household & Personal Care,Condiment Filling Line
    Application: Household & personal care, condiments, oil, alcohol.
    Applied Containers: PET,HDPE and glass bottles with various capacities and shapes.
    Filling System: Mechanical valve, volumetric valve, flowmeter valve and weighing valve.
    Product’s scope: Blowing molding(depalletizer)system, air compressor system, filling system , filled bottle conveying system, labelling machine, encaser machine, palletizer, electric control, engineering design and construction.
    Add: No.33,Nanyuan Road, Zhangjiagang
    Economic & Technological Development Zone(South), Jiangsu,P.R.China 215618
    Tel:+86 512 58166698
    Fax:+86 512 58166692